Hi there,

Welcome to PAPER DOLL Personal Styling.about

I am a professionally qualified stylist and personal shopper based in Sydney, Australia.
My passion for being well dressed is matched by a genuine commitment to help others to feel good about themselves.

It can be a different life-style, change of the body or just lack of time but all of us can use some help from a professional in order to look our best.
I know it very well as quitting my corporate and cosmopolitan life, moving to a beach side town in Australia (and later to Melbourne and then to Sydney) from Europe, pregnancy and giving birth have all affected my wardrobe and style.

I am a firm believer that dressing should be fun. It is a way of self-expression and a lasting impression we make. So why not make it the best we can?

Have fun,

Agnes Villanyi


To learn more about who is behind PAPER DOLL Personal Styling and what inspires me, please read my coffee time interview at Fabulous Femme:


"I believe in pink" – a quote from Audrey Hepburn. Pink is such an up-lifting feminine colour, creating instant happiness. I believe every woman should have pink in their wardrobe. It has so many shades from dusty pink to fuchsia and there is one for everyone. I also love a touch of pink in interior decorating such as a bunch of pink flowers, a salmon pink cushion or a hot pink tea cup. These are little happy treasures of everyday life."

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